R.J. Chambers Archive

The R.J.Chambers Archive affords us a unique view of the environment in which Chambers worked.

"We think we think. But what we think is often vague, ambiguous and disconnected. Only the discipline of writing forges thoughts into serviceable shapes and systematic patterns. Writing maketh an exact man, said Bacon; but seldom, I suspect, at the first attempt. I know that "Chambers later" has frequently thought differently from "Chambers earlier"; and that "Chambers now" has often wanted to know what "Chambers then" thought, for the purpose of advancing some uncompleted business. But I kept no index. I have preferred usually to think afresh about a matter in hand, rather than run the risk of repeating my own mistakes; and that very process has revealed mistakes.

But , at last I found I needed an index of some kind..."

"An Auto-bibliography", May 1977, R.J.Chambers

Access to the R.J. Chambers Archive

Access to the archive is via hard copy held in the University of Sydney Archives Unit (USA P202).